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In Mexico, a poor country, higher education is of quite good quality — and is free. Ten years ago the government tried to impose small fees. There was a national student strike and the government backed down.

High tuition is not an economic necessity, as is easy to show, but a debt trap is a good technique of indoctrination and control. And resisting this makes good sense.

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Dear Prof. Chomsky,

I was wondering what your thoughts are with regards to students striking against tuition fee hikes? In Quebec, the government currently subsidizes a large portion of our tuition. However, there has been a proposal to increase tuition fees by 75% over the next few years. Currently, thousands of students in universities (and also CEGEPs) across Quebec are striking against this raise. What do you think about this kind of action? And what are some other ways you think students can engage in taking a stand?

Thank you so much,

Yuliya Manyakina
Linguistics Student Association
Concordia University



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